Several CITP community members spoke at the NJ AI Summit hosted by Princeton University on April 11, 2024. Topics of discussion revolved around AI technologies and the societal ramifications and prospects they offer in different sectors. NJ AI Summit Sessions are available to view here.

  • Provost and CITP Associated Faculty Member Jennifer Rexford gave the Welcome and Closing Remarks.
  • CITP Associated Faculty Members Margaret Martonosi and Olga Russakovsky were on the Education and Workforce Development panel, and Martonosi was also on the Computer and Data Resources for AI panel.
  • Vice Chair and President of Microsoft Corporation and CITP Advisory Council Member Brad Smith gave the Luncheon Keynote Address.
  • CITP Associated Faculty Member Olga Troyanskaya was on the AI for Health panel.
  • Director of CITP Arvind Narayanan, CITP Associated Faculty Member Jonathan Mayer, and former CITP Director and Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Offchain Labs Ed Felten were on the AI, Society and Policy panel.

CITP is one of the four AI at Princeton Affiliated Centers.