Mission Statement

CITP is an interdisciplinary center at Princeton University. The center is a nexus of expertise in technology, engineering, public policy, and the social sciences on campus. In keeping with the strong University tradition of service, the center’s researchteaching, and events address digital technologies as they interact with society.

The people at CITP come from across campus — including Computer Science, Economics, Politics, Engineering, Sociology, and the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Every year, CITP invites visiting fellows from academia and industry. The center hosts many public events, including conferences, lectures, lunch seminars, and D.C. briefings. It produces both leading research and practical demonstrations of issues at the crossroads of technology and policy. CITP serves students on campus in many ways, including an undergraduate certificate that is offered in cooperation with the Keller Center. 

CITP is generously supported by the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and is increasingly also being supported by some endowments and gifts.