CITP’s new interdisciplinary tech policy clinic responds to the profound impact technology has on society. The clinic aims to stimulate cutting-edge research at CITP and engage students and scholars in pragmatic policy discussions concerning emerging technologies. In keeping with Princeton’s commitment to service, the clinic provides nonpartisan research, analysis, and commentary to policy makers, industry participants, journalists, and the public. There is a long tradition of educating public-spirited lawyers through clinical programs; we are building a similar program for the next generation of public-spirited technologists.

Fellows Program:

The Center for Information Technology Policy fellows program offers scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to join the Center’s community. The goals of this fully-funded, in-residence program are to support people doing important research and policy engagement related to the Center’s mission and to enrich the Center’s intellectual life. Fellows typically will conduct research with members of the Center’s community and engage in the Center’s public programs. The fellows program provides freedom to pursue projects of interest and a stimulating intellectual environment.


Students can get involved with CITP in several ways:

  • Students may earn an Undergraduate Certificate through the Program in Technology and Society, Information Technology Track offered jointly by CITP and the Keller Center. Through a combination of courses focused on information technology and society, the program aims to help Princeton students better understand how technology drives social change, how society shapes technology, and how technologies can be used to address grand social challenges.
  • CITP and its affiliated faculty offer various undergraduate and graduate courses from year-to-year. Many of these appear in the course offerings for the Program in Information Technology and Society, but other courses are often offered in addition. You can watch our news announcements on the home page or browse the Princeton Course Offerings database for upcoming CITP-related courses.
  • Internship funding is available for undergraduate and graduate summer internships in technology policy.
  • Apply to our three-day all expenses paid annual Tech Policy Boot Camp Trip to DC every year during fall break. The application period is open for two week every September.
  • Reading groups are open to Princeton-affiliated students, faculty, and staff. These focus on current topics in information technology policy, and typically involve reading and discussing new publications.