Our Work

Artificial Intelligence

This initiative brings together an interdisciplinary group to work on AI-related policy areas including ethics, free expression, fairness, diversity, privacy, safety and economic impacts.

Internet of Things

CITP launched an IoT Cybersecurity Policy Research Collaboration with corporate and foundation partners. CITP is building a national community of academic, business, government, and policy thought leaders in IoT security that combines deep technical understanding with political awareness.


This work measures the availability and performance of Internet connectivity across the U.S. and the world, based on ongoing collection, analysis, and release of capacity and utilization data from Internet Service Provider (ISP) interconnection points.

Privacy & Security

CITP researchers have worked on large number of privacy related topics including browser privacy and research on AI and online tracking. The latter focusses both on identifying trackers as well as behaviors that violate privacy, enabling the development of more sophisticated privacy-protection tools.

Censorship & Filtering

CITP researchers are building a real-time, decentralized, global observatory for online censorship that includes a public “weather map” of the state of internet filtering, interference, and control. CITP researchers have recently also been researching the vetting of political ads on social media platforms.


CITP has been a leader in technical and policy research on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. CITP researchers have authored a popular textbook, built leading measurement tools and engaged students and faculty from a wide range of academic backgrounds to deepen their understanding of these technologies.

National Security & Surveillance

Public safety requires that intelligence and law enforcement agencies are able to collect information about threat actors and criminals, but the technologies of surveillance are very powerful and must be governed to protect privacy and civil liberties. CITP’s research examines these tradeoffs in detail, seeking to improve the options available to policymakers, so that both public safety and civil liberties can be improved.

Other Topics

CITP researchers work on a host of other topics including Web Transparency, Internet Governance, Electronic Voting, Computational Social Science to name a few.