Jennifer L. Rexford

Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Computer Science, Chair, Department of Computer Science

Jennifer L. Rexford, who came to Princeton in 2005 after eight and a half years at AT&T Research, is interested in Internet policy and Internet governance, stemming from her longstanding research on computer networks. She co-chairs the Secure BGP Deployment working group of the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council, and chairs the Mobile Broadband working group of the FCC’s Open Internet Advisory Committee. Collaborating with a multi-institution group of colleagues, she co-authored the papers, “Risking communications security: Potential hazards of the Protect America Act” and “Can it really work? Problems with Extending EINSTEIN 3 to critical infrastructure,” which was published in Harvard Law School’s National Security Journal.

Jen can be reached at , 222 Computer Science, 609-258-5182.