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Censorship & Filtering


Automatically Generating a Large, Culture-Specific Blocklist for China, PDF
Austin Hounsel, Prateek Mittal, Nick Feamster
July 2018,


BlockSci: Design and applications of a blockchain analysis platform, PDF
Harry Kalodner, Steven Goldfeder, Alishah Chator, Malte Möser, Arvind Narayanan
September 2017,
Global Measurement of DNS Manipulation, PDF
Paul Pearce, Ben Jones, Frank Li, Roya Ensafi, Nick Feamster, Nick Weaver, Vern Paxson
August 2017, 26th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 17), USENIX Association
The Future of Ad Blocking: An Analytical Framework and New Techniques, PDF
Grant Storey, Dillon Reisman, Jonathan Mayer, Arvind Narayanan
May 2017,