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Artificial Intelligence


Simulation as Experiment: An Empirical Critique of Simulation Research on Recommender Systems,
Amy A. Winecoff, Sun, M., Lucherini, E., & Narayanan, A.
arXiv preprint arXiv:2107.08959, August 2021,
Beyond Algorithmic Bias: A Socio-Computational Interrogation of the Google Search by Image Algorithm, PDF
Orestis Papakyriakopoulos, Arwa Michelle Mboya
July 2021,
Political machines: a framework for studying politics in social machines, PDF
Orestis Papakyriakopoulos
AI & SOCIETY 2021, July 2021,
T-RECS: A Simulation Tool to Study the Societal Impact of Recommender Systems, PDF
Eli Lucherini, Matthew Sun, Amy Winecoff, and Arvind Narayanan
arXiv preprint 2021, July 2021,
This Seems to Work: Designing Technological Systems with The Algorithmic Imaginations of Those Who Labor, PDF
Lindsey Cameron, Angele Christin, Michael Ann DeVito, Tiwanna Dillahunt, Madeleine Elish, Mary Gray, Noopur Raval, Rida Qadri, Melissa Valentine, and Elizabeth Anne Watkins
CHI Workshops 2021, July 2021,
The Tension Between Information Justice and Security: Perceptions of Facial Recognition Targeting, PDF
Elizabeth Anne Watkins
Joint Proceedings of the ACM IUI Workshops 2021, July 2021,
Algorithmic impact assessments and accountability: The co-construction of impacts, PDF
Jacob Metcalf, Emanuel Moss, Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Ranjit Singh, Madeleine Clare Elish
FAccT 2021, July 2021,
Governing Algorithmic Systems with Impact Assessments: Six Observations, PDF
Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Emanuel Moss, Jacob Metcalf, Ranjit Singh, Madeleine Clare Elish
AIES 2021, July 2021,


AI Ethics: Seven Traps, PDF
Annette Zimmermann, Ben Zevenbergen
March 2019,


A Method to Link Advances in Artificial Intelligence to Occupational Abilities, PDF
Edward W. Felten, Manav Raj, Robert Seamans
AEA Papers and Proceedings, AEA, February 2018,
Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Roundtable Summary: Artificial Intelligence and the Good Society Workshop Proceedings, PDF
Corinne Cath, Michael Zimmer, Stine Lomborg, Ben Zevenbergen
February 2018,


Semantics derived automatically from language corpora necessarily contain human biases, PDF
Aylin Caliskan, Joanna J. Bryson, and Arvind Narayanan
Science, April 2017,
What’s in a Question: Using Visual Questions as a Form of Supervision, PDF
Siddha Ganju, Olga Russakovsky, Abhinav Gupta
CVPR, April 2017,


Crowdsourcing in Computer Vision, PDF
Adriana Kovashka, Olga Russakovsky, Li Fei-Fei, Kristen Grauman
November 2016,
Much Ado About Time: Exhaustive Annotation of Temporal Data, PDF
Gunnar A Sigurdsson, Olga Russakovsky, Ali Farhadi, Ivan Laptev, Abhinav Gupta
HCOMP, October 2016,
Towards More Gender Diversity in CS through an Artificial Intelligence Summer Program for High School Girls, PDF
Marie E Vachovsky, Grace Wu, Sorathan Chaturapruek, Olga Russakovsky, Richard Sommer, Li Fei-Fei
ACM, February 2016, Proceedings of the 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education