By Karen Rouse

CITP Welcomed ten new faces to Sherrerd Hall this fall – 9 fellows and one graduate student. In his welcome address to the new visitors, CITP Interim Director Prateek Mittal said CITP has a “tremendous track record in academic research and creating social impact.” He urged the new fellows to set “an ambitious agenda” and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with each other, as well as other Princeton entities like The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning.

CITP’s new researchers are:

  • Archana Ahlawat, an Emerging Scholar, is a software engineer, an investigative researcher, and a writer. Her current research interests include data governance and surveillance, the political economy of tech, and the analysis of differing approaches to AI ethics.
  • Nia Brazzell, an Emerging Scholar, is a graduate of Boston University who worked in legal operations at Meta. Her interests are in platform accountability and consumer privacy.
  • Jordan Brensinger, a postdoctoral research scholar, investigates how organizations use data to identify and make decisions about people, and the implications of those processes for everyday life, organizational policy and practice, and society at large.
  • Monica Greco, a visiting professional specialist, is a senior program officer at Open Society Foundations. Her research examines the policies and practices around the integration of technology into refugee protection, and systems for predicting and managing migration.
  • Eszter Hargittai, a visiting research scholar, is a professor in the Department of Communication and Media Research of the University of Zurich. Her research looks at how people may benefit from their digital media uses with a particular focus on how differences in people’s digital skills influence what they do online.
  • Amna Liaqat, a postdoctoral research fellow, is the winner of Princeton’s Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows Award. Liaqat holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. Her research centers around human-computer interaction and education.
  • Katrina Ligett, a Microsoft Visiting Professor, is a professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University. Her research interests are in data privacy, algorithmic fairness, machine learning theory, and algorithmic game theory.
  • Jakob Mökander, a visiting professional specialist, conducts research on digital governance and the auditing of automated decision-making systems. His goal is to provide tech companies and policymakers with tools to ensure that autonomous and self-learning systems are designed and deployed legally, ethically, and safely.
  • Varun Nagaraj Rao is a graduate student in computer science whose research involves devising audits of targeted ad delivery systems. Rao aims to make data-driven decision making systems private, fair and transparent for creators and users.
  • Rebecca Weiss, a visiting research scholar, is a computational social scientist and former head of research and innovation at Mozilla, where she created the Rally project, a privacy-preserving data platform leveraged by institutions, including Princeton and The Markup, to conduct research.

To learn about CITP’s fully-funded, in-residence fellows program – including the postdoctoral, visiting professional and visiting professor tracks, visit our Fellows Program page. Meet all CITP current fellows on our Fellows page.