The School of Engineering and Applied Science’s (SEAS) second podcast season of the series “Cookies: Tech Security & Privacy” will feature several CITP affiliates.

Episode one features Barton Gellman ’82, a former visiting fellow at CITP and winner of multiple Pulitzer Prizes for his national security reporting with The Washington Post. Gellman discusses his own privacy habits and why he doesn’t trust ordinary email or text messages, but also why he’s unable to give up carrying a smart phone despite its ability to track our movements. Gellman’s reporting on Edward Snowden’s disclosures inspired major improvements in Internet security, and he discusses what he learned about security from Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. And, as the title suggests, he talks about why he distrusts one social media platform that’s been in the news this week, vowing to delete his presence on it entirely.

Episode two is an interview with Ruby Lee, CITP affiliate and the Forest G. Hamrick professor in engineering and a professor of electrical and computer engineering here at Princeton. She talks about why consumers should demand computers built with better security in mind.

Episode three features CITP Postdoctoral Research Fellow Orestis Papakyriakopoulos, along with Arwa Michelle Mboya from MIT Media Lab. Papakyriakopoulos and Mboya discuss their study of Google Search where they found ways it shows bias and perpetuates stereotypes. Their paper entitled “Beyond Algorithmic Bias: A Socio-Computational Interrogation of the Google Search by Image Algorithm” can be found here.