Steven Kelts

Professional Specialist for Responsible Computing Curricula and Lecturer in the School of Public and International Affairs

Steven Kelts is an ethicist with two decades experience in the classroom and in tech non-profits. He leads the Agile Ethics program, which challenges students to consider difficult ethical issues in a simulated workflow. Agile Ethics is supported by a grant from Princeton’s Council on Science and Technology and a grant from Google to study the results of his roleplay method. With CITP, he works alongside computer science faculty to integrate responsible computing instruction into their lectures, technical assignments, and experiential learning opportunities.

Kelts is also a non-profit leader. He is an ethics advisor to the Responsible A.I. Institute, and the Director of the Responsible Tech University Network for All Tech Is Human. His recent research focuses on the special nature of today’s tech firms and their potential for ethical action, including an article in a special issue of IEEE’s Technology and Society Magazine. Kelts also has led the GradFutures initiative on Ethics of AI for the Princeton Graduate School, with the objective of encouraging Ph.D. candidates in all disciplines to apply their expertise in the field of tech ethics, at universities or in corporations.

Kelts can be reached at , Sherrerd Hall 320C.