Sophie Luskin

Emerging Scholar

Sophie Luskin comes to CITP from the whistleblower space, engaging with issues around AI, social media, and privacy through policy, legal, journalistic, communications, and advocacy work at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto LLP, Whistleblower Network News, and the National Whistleblower Center in Washington D.C.

She is an alumnus of the University of California, Davis, where she studied international relations, history, and technology studies, with a focus on global interconnectivity and the use of technologies of control. At UC Davis, she led the New York Times Media Project at the Joseph Lab, investigating the publication’s depictions of gender in West Asia and North Africa since its inception in 1851.

At CITP, Luskin plans to research the intersections of social media, data privacy, and surveillance technology, and continue to engage with the policy and legal spaces of tech whistleblowing.

Luskin can be reached at [TBA], 320B Sherrerd Hall.