Working at CITP

Office Information A-Z

Business Cards

If you’d like to order business cards, you can do so on the Print and Mail Service website. Please contact Laura or Jean for the chart string to pay for the cards.

Contact Information – Important University Services

  • Public Safety – 609-258-1000 or 8-1000 from your office phone for non-emergencies, i.e., if you are locked out of your office or the building. If you have any emergency, please call 609-258-3333 from your cell phone or from a campus phone call 911.
  • Facility Work Orders – 609-258-8000 or 8-8000 from your office phone. If your office is too hot, you have a light out, the toilet is overflowing, or there is any kind of building issue, please call in a work order. Jean will be happy to do this for you if it is during the work day.
  • The OIT Help Desk – 609-258-HELP (4357) or 8-4357 from your office phone. The OIT Help Desk is available to help you with any technical issues with your passwords, office phone, email, server/connection, Princeton program problems, etc.
  • Emergency Management and What To Do – In case of an emergency on campus, such as an active shooter, criminal activity, hazardous spill, etc. please see the emergency management website for information. Here is more information on the CITP and Sherrerd Hall Emergency Action Plan.
  • University weather alert hotline – 609-258-SNOW

Email Listservs

CITP has several email lists that you will automatically be added to so you can stay informed about our news, events, and internal communications. If you would like to join any of our reading group lists, you can find more information about those email lists here.


CITP does not have a fax machine, but Jean can provide information regarding faxing if needed.

Holiday Schedule and University Hours

The yearly holiday schedule can be found here. Normal working hours during the academic year are 8:45 a.m. – 5 p.m. The summer work schedule is 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and begins the Monday after commencement and ends the last week in August before Labor Day. 

Kitchen Facilities

CITP has a refrigerator, microwave, toaster and several coffee/tea makers for your use. The refrigerator is primarily for storing food and beverages for CITP functions. Lunches may be stored in the refrigerator. For the benefit of everyone, we ask that you clean up thoroughly after using the kitchen, as our building services person will not clean appliances.


Incoming mail will be placed daily in your assigned mailbox. There are two outgoing mail bins in the mailroom: one for campus mail and one for postal mail. Mail usually arrives/departs around 10 a.m. Please see Jean for more information about mail services.

Office Supplies

Please see Jean for basic office supplies that are not in the mailroom, as most of our supplies are kept in the cabinets in her office.

Organizing Events

If you’d like to organize a CITP event, please see Tithi for approval. Once approved, Jean can help organize your event.

Pet Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to consider the health and safety issues surrounding pets in the workplace, as consideration needs to be taken for people who may be allergic and/or afraid of animals. These guidelines do not apply to service animals.

  • Pets are not permitted in labs, common areas or shared office spaces. Only individuals with private offices may bring their pets to Sherrerd Hall. If you have an official support animal and are in a shared office, please talk to your adviser/supervisor about working from home.
  • Except when entering or exiting the building, your pet should be contained in your individual office at all times.
  • Walking with your pet throughout the hallways should be limited to entering and exiting the building only.
  • Your pet should be on a short enough leash that it cannot rush, attack, panic, nip at, or in some other way harm others. Pets should be well-behaved (not aggressive toward others).
  • Princeton law says that dogs must be on leashes. New Jersey law mandates the leash must be no longer than eight feet long, and the dog must be under your control at all times.
  • Roaming throughout the building on or off a leash is not permitted.
  • Please be sure to clean up after your pet.


Laura will help you set up your computer/laptop to the printer/copier in our mailroom. You will need a code to make copies. CITP has a wiki that will help you to download the driver to gain access to the printer; see Laura for access. The printer/copier features include: color/black and white copies, collating, stapling, and scanning. Please note we request that you make sure your print default is set-up is to black and white copies. Feel free to print in color when needed, but please note the cost is five times the cost of black and white copies.


The Princeton Postdoctoral Council (PDC) aims to serve Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Associates at Princeton University by aiding in their professional development, fostering a sense of community and identity, and enhancing the quality of the postdoctoral experience. Please see their website to join the group and for more information about their events and collaborations.

Reserving the CITP conference room or other space within the University

Please contact Jean to check availability and reserve the conference room, open space, or other space within the University. If you reserve the conference room and your event gets cancelled, please notify Jean immediately.

Slack – instant messaging

CITP has Slack channels which we use in a variety of ways to communicate. Slack is by invite only, so please contact Tithi or Laura to be added.

Telephone and Voicemail

  • Most offices at CITP have landline phones, but are not set up specific to individuals who share offices. To call out using a University phone, dial 9 and then the number. To dial within the University dial 8 and then the last four digits of the phone number.
  • If you have an individual office, Princeton University has adopted the Microsoft Unified Messaging (UM) service, and it can bring together your voicemail, email, and calendaring functions along with other beneficial features.
  • You can set up your telephone and voicemail preferences online. You will need your netID and password to access the site. You can also set up your preferences at your phone. If you have questions or need help with UM you can 1) send an email to, 2) call Telephone Support at 8-HELP, Option 4, or 3) contact Laura, who is CITP’s telephone coordinator.