CITP Tech Policy Clinic

Tech Policy Case Studies

In the Spring of 2020, CITP’s tech policy clinic launched a new forum to explore real-world challenges facing policy makers. The case study series engages with domain experts who share a concrete policy puzzle they are grappling with. Each case study is typically divided into two sessions. Before the first session, we require participants to read our two page background memo that describes the issue. The first session is devoted to analyzing the problem so that we have a shared understanding of the challenges. The second session evaluates potential research projects that can inform policy choices. The goal is to generate new avenues for collaborating on impactful research and deepen our understanding of the policy process. Subject to the participants’ interest, we spin off potentially promising research projects to work on independently.

If you are a member of the Princeton University community and would like to participate in one or more sessions, please sign up for our mailing list here.  An email confirming the event will be sent in advance. If you would like to help develop one of the case studies or have ideas for new issues to explore please contact .

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