Reading Groups

Tech & Labor

The Tech & Labor reading group is a collection of folks who are interested in developing their fluency around topics pertaining to the intersection of labor and technology. We invite participants from all backgrounds to participate as we believe that the intersection of tech & labor needs to be analyzed from a multitude of perspectives. We hope to foster a space where we can learn from each other, share ideas, bring questions, and brainstorm possible new directions for research. We have a core value of respecting differing perspectives and believe that diversity in viewpoints is healthy for discussion.

Each meeting will be lead by a discussant who will select the readings (2 core readings and up to 5 supplemental readings) and propose a list of discussion questions. The meeting itself is open ended & reading/discussion questions are intended to guide conversation.

The fall 2023 schedule will be posted on the CITP event page once available. For additional information please contact Mona Wang at  or Sayash Kapoor at 

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