Doctoral Certificate in Science, Technology & Environmental Policy

CITP-STEP Fellowship – communication and information technology science policy

Note: We are not accepting applications to this program at this time. If you are interested in applying for the doctoral certificate program please contact: .

Princeton graduate students in their first, second or third year are eligible for CITP-STEP Fellowship Awards.

Application Materials:
To apply, CITP-STEP Fellowship candidates are required to develop a policy proposal (less than two pages) in cooperation with their thesis adviser. Recommendation letters from the proposed STEP adviser and thesis adviser are required components of the application package. Your STEP and thesis adviser can be the same person.

Two Step Application Process:
Step 1: Please fill out the CITP-STEP Graduate Application form.
Step 2: Email the documents listed below to . Please make sure mention CITP Graduate Certificate Application 2019 in the subject of the email.

  • Two-page policy proposal
  • Thesis Adviser Recommendation Letter
  • CITP-STEP Adviser Recommendation Letter
  • Current copy of CV and graduate transcript
  • One-page description of central thesis research

Selection into the CITP-STEP program is determined by a competitive application process. Criteria for selection include a strong academic record, a well-thought-out research plan and engagement of the thesis adviser in the research plan. Funding must be used and coursework completed within five years of receiving the award.

Courses for the Ph.D. STEP Certificate are organized into three categories and all students must choose at least one course from each category. The first category includes non-science and technology Princeton School of Public and International Affairs graduate courses (e.g., economics, politics, psychology, sociology, and history). The second category includes Princeton School of Public and International Affairs science and technology policy courses. The third category is an elective (meaning any Princeton School of Public and International Affairs graduate-level course). One course from your Ph.D. requirement can be counted towards this certificate provided it falls into one of the above three categories.

Admitted students are also required to complete a publishable-quality paper which could also be a chapter of their dissertation. In addition, students in the STEP-CITP track would also be required to participate once in CITP’s Tech Policy Boot Camp program, a three-day program held during fall break, which visits a spectrum of technology policy practitioners in Washington.

Students in the STEP-CITP track would also be encouraged, but not required, to do a policy-oriented summer internship in government or a suitable non-profit, between their first and second years in the program. The program and CITP would help students find positions and, if necessary, funding for their internship.

Students admitted to the STEP-CITP track would receive 50% support (for tuition/fees and graduate stipend) for two years. Students will also receive a $3,500 research award that they can use towards their projects.

Credential Awarded:
Upon completion of their Ph.D., the credential awarded for those students who successfully complete the program would be a Doctoral Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy with a focus in Information Technology.