Undergraduate Certificate


  • Six courses
  • One semester of independent work
  • Presentation of independent work at the annual spring symposium


The following six course requirements need to be satisfied to earn the program certificate in Technology and Society, Information Technology Track.

P/D/F policy: Students may use no more than one course taken on a P/D/F basis, with a “P” being essential to satisfy program requirements.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all courses taken by students in the spring and fall 2020, and spring 2021 semesters that apply to the information technology track of the certificate may use the P/D/F system. This is in addition to the one course allowed as stated above. All courses must have a designation of “P” to count. 

  • Course course – EGR/HIS/SOC 277 – Technology and Society (This course is offered every spring.)
  • Two technology courses
  • Two societal courses
  • One breadth course

Additional information regarding courses:

  1. The core course provides students with the intellectual tools needed to approach the rest of the program – a “set of lenses” that will help them view the issues being addressed in their work. Ideally, this course will be taken before the other required courses.
  2. A breadth course combines technology and society in an area outside of IT. For engineering/science students this should be based in the societal disciplines, and for humanities and social science students this should be based in the science/technology disciplines.
  3. Courses that begin with “Advanced Topics in,” “Special Topics in,” or “Topics in STEP” may reuse course numbers but change course titles from year-to-year. Please make sure you are looking at an approved course title.
  4. One-time courses may not be listed on the overall course list page. Please see the tab “Course Offering by Term” for one-time courses that have been approved for this certificate.
  5. Feel free to email Laura Cummings-Abdo, if you feel a new course might be applicable to our certificate program. Please make sure you include the syllabus for the course when asking for approval.

Independent Work

All students are required to undertake a one-semester independent research project in IT and society. For AB students, this includes a junior paper. This may be substituted by a significant component in their senior thesis (at least a chapter). It is expected that some of these projects/theses will be jointly supervised by faculty members across the university divisions.

All independent work topics for the certificate must be pre-approved by the information technology track director of the certificate program. Please make sure approval is granted before beginning your semester of independent study. Please submit the information about your independent work (IW) at this link. Approval must be received by December 10th of your senior year.

Annual Symposium

Students are required to present their projects/theses to the program students and faculty at an annual spring symposium. This provides a mechanism for shared learning as well as for developing the common themes across the program.

Apply for the certificate here.

Submit your independent work proposal for approval here.