Princeton University’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Precepts is a non-partisan program designed to explore the core concepts, opportunities, and risks underlying the technology that will shape or influence federal policy making for the next ten years. The AI Policy Precepts, convened at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs’ new center in Washington D.C., will be facilitated by faculty from Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy, including Arvind NarayananMatthew Salganik, and Mihir Kshirsagar. We are soliciting nominations for participation.

The Spring 2024 AI Policy Precepts will explore the future of both predictive and generative AI, moving beyond familiar talking points and examining real world case studies (such as healthcare, employment, and credit), that will stimulate and guide discussions. Each of the two sessions–modeled on Princeton’s precepts–will begin with expert insights on emerging AI technology and innovations, followed by interactive dialogue to wrestle with core ideas, policy concerns, and potential solutions. The case studies will be shared with the participants in advance of the session.

Please see the program webpage for more information and to apply.


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