The School of Engineering and Applied Science’s (SEAS) new podcast series “Cookies: Tech Security & Privacy” features several CITP affiliates:

Episodes one and two features Arvind Narayanan, CITP executive committee member and an associate professor of computer science. Episode one focuses on how consumer technology can manipulate users and take their data, and episode two is about how online media platforms get you hooked.

Episode three features Andrew Appel, CITP executive committee member and the Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science. Andrew discusses election security and this episode is entitled “Bulletproofing the Ballot Box.”

Episode four features Jennifer Rexford, CITP executive committee member and the Gordon Y.S. Wu professor in engineering, a professor of computer science and the chair of that department. Jen discusses how most of us don’t think twice about entering our credit card numbers when using the internet and don’t tend to worry about how someone might be looking over our shoulder. How secure is the internet from attacks?

Episode six features Prateek Mittal, CITP associated faculty member and associate professor of electrical engineering at Princeton University. Prateek discusses how hackers can use adversarial tactics toward artificial intelligence to take advantage of us and our data.

The final episode features Yan Shvartzshnaider, who was a former visiting associate research scholar at CITP. Yan discusses “how a new technology embedded in the most recent generation of Apple iPhones has the technology to track the owner’s movements, down to the inch, indoors.”

All episodes can be found here.