Update October 1, 2021: September’s Princeton Alumni Weekly promotes CITP researchers’ Rally collaboration in an article entitled “Mozilla and Princeton Center Ask Internet Users to Donate Their Data.” Professor Jonathan Mayer and graduate students Ben Kaiser and Anne Kohlbrenner are quoted.

Recently published on Mozilla, the creator of the Firefox web browser, “Take control over your data with Rally, a novel privacy-first data sharing platform” explains how Mozilla worked with research groups at Princeton and Stanford “to enable crowdsourced science for public good.”

This new online platform, Mozilla Rally, enables Firefox users to donate their data for the public good.

The Princeton team’s first Rally research project “Political and COVID-19 News” focused on “how web users encounter, consume, and share news online about politics and COVID-19.” More studies from Mayer and his team are forthcoming and will cover the topic of misinformation and privacy.

The Princeton team’s work on Rally is supported by the Schmidt DataX Fund at Princeton University, made possible through a major gift from the Schmidt Futures Foundation.