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Designing an Inclusive Digital World

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
4:30 pm


004 Friend Center

View the video of this event here.

As digital technologies evolve and become more prevalent, their impact on people with disabilities becomes increasingly critical. Design choices can hinder use (for example, failure to include alt text for images can make a page incomprehensible to a blind user), can seek to improve accessibility, or can increase the number of possible users inadvertently (for example, improvements in video conferencing can help deaf users communicate). This panel will explore various issues in this area: human-computer interaction, the (im)possibility of universal design, corporate decisionmaking by tech companies, and legal and policy contexts.

Solon Barocas — CITP Fellow

Keith Hiatt — Former software engineer and pro bono attorney

Clayton Lewis ’66 — Professor of Computer Science and Fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Science at University of Colorado Boulder

Mara Mills — Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU Steinhardt

Michael Stein — Professor of Law at College of William & Mary School of Law; Co-founder and Executive Director of the Project on Disability and Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School