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CITP Reading Group: Works in Progress – Ben Kaiser – Studying Disinformation Interventions in the Field

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


008 Sherrerd Hall
Photo Ben Kaiser

Digital communications platforms are routinely exploited by propagators of disinformation. Platforms have deployed a variety of interventions to counter disinformation campaigns, including warnings to users, changes to recommendation algorithms, and outright deplatforming. But at present, there is very little academic scholarship or other public evidence about the comparative real-world efficacy of these different interventions. As a result, when new disinformation campaigns emerge, firms struggle to make evidence-based decisions about whether and how to intervene—often in the midst of a crisis, with very little time for making those decisions. In collaboration with a platform, we are developing the first academic field study to compare the behavioral effects of widely used interventions.

The CITP Works in Progress (WiP) Seminar meets weekly during the semester. This reading group is open to any Princeton affiliate, including faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students.

To receive the Zoom link to join the WiP Seminar please contact Ben Kaiser at .