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CITP Digital Investigators Conference

Thursday, May 4, 2023
Friday, May 5, 2023

This invite-only conference will convene experts in data-driven tech reporting and research to discuss challenges and opportunities in tech accountability journalism. Sessions will span topics including auditing civic algorithms, investigating social media platforms and misinformation, reporting on gig work, and fostering reporter-researcher collaborations. We will use the insights derived from the conference to produce a best-practice guide that can be circulated in the industry to better equip journalists across beats to report more with more clarity and rigor on the impact of tech on all aspects of society.

The public is invited to attend a panel discussion featuring experts in policy, journalism and research who have spent their careers working to advance the public interest about technology. They will discuss whether the discourse we’re seeing around LLMs is part of a pattern of “hype” we’ve seen around other emerging technologies and how we can equip ourselves to sort through the noise when it comes to public discourse around emerging technologies. More information on this event is available here.

For additional information please contact Klaudia Jaźwińska at .

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