Tithi Chattopadhyay

Executive Director and CITP Steering Committee Member

As the executive director of CITP, Tithi Chattopadhyay oversees strategic planning, operations and staffing, research collaborations, fundraising and development, and new initiatives — such as CITP’s Emerging Scholars and Public Interest Technology Summer Fellowship programs. Chattopadhyay, an economist and expert on issues around broadband, also teaches and conducts research on the digital divide, the impact of the digital economy, and the evolving role of public institutions, including universities, in addressing societal goals around technology. Chattopadhyay is the former broadband director for the State of Wisconsin. She also worked as a consultant and policy advisor for several local, state and higher education institutions on technology and economic development projects. She holds a Ph.D. in information studies and has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics and mathematics.

Chattopadhyay can be reached at , 317 Sherrerd Hall, 609-258-6167.