Photo of Matt Salgnik

Matthew Salganik

CITP Director and Professor of Sociology Matthew Salganik is happy to announce the launch of the 2021 Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science (SICSS). The purpose of SICSS is to bring together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and beginning faculty interested in computational social science for two weeks of intensive study and collaborative research. The Summer Institutes are for both social scientists (broadly conceived) and data scientists (broadly conceived). Many of the research projects incubated at SICSS help researchers understand and improve the relationship between technology and society.

The central SICSS location in 2021 will be held (virtually) at Princeton University from June 14-25, 2021 and will be organized by Matthew Salganik and Chris Bail.

In addition to SICSS-Princeton, there will be 19 partner locations organized by SICSS alumni and the broader SICSS community. Because of COVID, all SICSS locations will be online only.

– Beijing (6/14-6/25): Yan Leng (SICSS 2018), Tian Yang, Yuan Yuan (SICSS 2019)
– Bologna (6/21-7/2): Filippo Andreatta, Giampiero Giacomello, Marco Albertini, Matthew Loveless, Nicolò Cavalli (SICSS 2018)
– Chicago (6/14-6/25): Kat Albrecht (SICSS 2017), Carrie Stallings, Andrew Papachristos
– FGV/DAPP Brazil (6/14-6/26): Marco Aurelio Ruediger, Tiago Ventura (SICSS 2019), Amaro Grassi, Danilo Carvalho
– Helsinki (6/14-6/25): Matti Nelimarkka (SICSS 2017)
– Howard/Mathematica (6/14-6/25): Naniette Coleman (SICSS 2019)
– HSE University (6/14-6/19): Elizaveta Sivak (SICSS 2019), Sofia Dokuka, Ivan Smirnov
– Istanbul (6/1-6/25): Akin Unver, Yunus Emre Tapan
– Law (6/14-6/25): Rūta Liepiņa (SICSS 2020), Monika Leszczynska (SICSS 2019), Catalina Goanta
– Lisbon (6/14-6/25): Qiwei Han (SICSS 2020), Filipa Reis
– London (6/14-6/25): Andrea Baronchelli, Joshua Becker (SICSS 2017), Nicola Perra, Milena Tsvetkova, Mike Yeomans (SICSS 2017)
– Montréal (6/7-6/25): Vissého Adjiwanou (SICSS 2017)
– Oxford (6/14-6/25): Christopher Barrie (SICSS 2019), Charles Rahal, Francesco Rampazzo (SICSS 2018), Tobias Rüttenauer (SICSS 2019)
– Rutgers (6/14-6/25): Michael Kenwick, Katie McCabe (SICSS 2019), Katya Ognyanova, Andrey Tomashevskiy
– Stellenbosch (6/28-7/9): Douglas Parry (SICSS 2019), Richard Barnett (SICSS 2018)
– Taiwan (6/28-7/2): Feng-Yi Liu (SICSS 2019), Robin Lee (SICSS 2020)
– Tokyo (7/12-7/16): Hirokazu Shirado (SICSS 2017), Makiko Nakamuro
– UCLA (9/7-9/22): Jenny Brand, Alina Arseniev-Koehler (SICSS 2018), Bernard Koch, Pablo Geraldo
– Zurich (6/14-6/18): Elliott Ash (SICSS 2017), Malka Guillot (SICSS 2019), Philine Widmer (SICSS 2019)

SICSS is available at no cost to participants thanks to grants from the Russell Sage Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and Facebook. Some SICSS locations have also received support from other generous funders.

More information about the SICSS and the application procedure for each location can be found on the SICSS website.