In the spring of 2020 we launched a new forum to engage the CITP and broader Princeton University community of scholars in an exploration of real-world challenges facing policy makers. We invited domain experts to share a concrete problem they faced and how research may help inform their responses. The goal is to provide new avenues for collaborating on impactful research and deepen our understanding of the policy process.


Each case study is divided into two sections.

  • The first is devoted to carefully examining the case and developing a shared understanding of the case’s challenge.
  • The second is a brainstorming session about potential responses to the problem.

We hope that participants will use the time between the sessions to collaborate.


  • Read the background memo about the case and come prepared to actively participate.
  • Attend both/all sessions of a case study topic.


  • February 12: Session A: Antitrust law & tech platforms (Facebook & Google)
  • February 19: Session B1: Facebook investigation
  • February 26: Session B2: Google investigation
  • March 4: Session A: Robin Berjon, New York Times
  • Cancelled – March 11: Session B: Robin Berjon, New York Times (new date to be determined)

The following sessions were held virtually on Wednesdays, except where noted, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

  • March 25: Open discussion of how CITP’s research interests might intersect with or respond to COVID policy challenges (including location tracking; use of dark patterns and other topics)
  • Friday, April 3: FEC Commissioner Weintraub — Combating Disinformation/Dark Patterns about Voting
  • April 8: New York Time’s Robin Berjon part 2 — Alternatives to Behavioral Advertising
  • April 15: Upturn – Harlan Yu and Emma Weil – Regulating Auto Lenders Use of Devices that Control Subprime Borrowers Vehicles
  • April 22: Wikimedia Foundation — Loud Voices problem part 1
  • April 29: Wikimedia Foundation — Loud Voices problem part 2