CITP Tech Policy Clinic

Public Interest Technology Summer Fellowship

Please check back for information regarding the 2021 summer program.

The PIT Summer Fellowship is aimed at rising juniors and seniors interested in getting first hand experience working on technology policy at the federal, state and local level. 

We select approximately 12 students from universities across the PIT-UN network to be in part of the PIT summer fellows program. 

Fellows will begin their summer internship by attending a three-day policy bootcamp at Princeton’s CITP led by Mihir Kshirsagar and Tithi Chattopadhyay. The bootcamp will educate students about law and policy, and will feature leading experts as guest speakers in the fields of computer science and policy. 

After the bootcamp, fellows will travel to the host government agencies in different cities that our program has matched them with to spend approximately eight weeks working with the agency. Fellows will be embedded in the agency and get a real world experience of what it is like to work on cutting edge issues. At the conclusion of the summer, we will bring the fellows back for a day long debriefing session at Princeton. 

The fellowship will provide students with a stipend and funds to defray reasonable travel costs.