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TechEd: Pedagogy, Policy, and Potpourri Reading Group

The TechEd Reading Group discusses pedagogy, curriculum, and diversity and inclusion topics in technical and scientific education, including traditional technical education strategies, integrating policy/ethics into technical curricula, policy issues surrounding technical education, and ethical issues in existing and innovative educational methods.

Our reading group is open to grad students, CITP fellows, faculty and undergrads: everyone with an interest in technology education and policy or educational innovation.

We’ve created a global community, Remote Academia, to support educators transitioning to online learning. For more information, visit our website here and check out our Slack workspace and set of resources!

TechEd will meet on the following Mondays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.:

September 14, 21, 28

October 5, 19, 26

November 2, 9, 16

Meetings will be conducted via Zoom. To keep up with TechEd meetings and discussions, join our mailing list!

For more information please contact Ross Teixeira at or Anne Kohlbrenner at .


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