Studying Society In A Digital World – Conference Slides

Lada Adamic: Social Influence and the Diffusion of User-Generated Content

Chris Barrett: Co-evolution of Sociotechnical Networks and Individual Behavior

Kathleen M. Carley: Information & Belief Diffusion Through Social Networks: Empirically Grounded Simulation

Pablo Chavez: The Current Policy Debates Over Online Information Practices: Implications for Research in the Digital Age 

Nosh Contractor: Digital Traces: An Exploratorium for Understanding & Enabling Social Networks

Nathan Eagle, Michael Macy: Scaling of Sociodynamics

Scott Golder: Temporal Rhythms in Electronic Society: Examples from Facebook and Elsewhere

Eric Horvitz: Through the Lens of a Large Instant-Messaging Network: Planetary-Scale Views on Behavior

Tony Jebara: Learning Networks of Places and People from Location Data

Steve Kelling: eBird: The Long Tail of Community Engagement in the Scientific Process

Jon Kleinberg: Spatial Signatures of On-line Behavior

Robert Kraut: Theory-Based Design of On-Line Worlds

W. Russell Neuman: Social Science and Policy Praxis

Jukka-Pekka Onnela: Using Cell Phones to Study the Large-Scale Structure of Social Networks

Paul Resnick: Understanding Opinion Diversity Preferences Through Field Experiments

Matthew Salganik: Community-Generated and Community-Sorted Information

Marc Smith: Autobiography, Mobile Social Life-Lagging and the Transition from Ephemeral to Archival Society 

Joshua Tauberer: Watching the Watchers: Government Oversight with Civic Hacking

Marshall Van Alstyne: Information, Social Networks and Productivity

Luis von Ahn: Human Computation