Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP), in collaboration with the Center for Digital Humanities is hosting a workshop that explores the security and privacy concerns that arise from Internet-connected devices in smart homes and cities. The workshop will be held at Princeton University on April 5-7, 2017.

We solicit teams of computer scientists, engineers, designers, artists, legal scholars, and social theorists to come together and design systems that can provide users with more visibility into and control over the behavior of the devices that they connect to their networks, ultimately giving people more agency over these devices. Existing efforts to improve IoT privacy and security have begun to explore ways to visualize and control data flows from these devices, but many of these designs could be informed by insights from architects, designers, and sociologists as well as critical theories of design. The workshop plans to bring people together from these diverse knowledge bases to enrich and enhance existing approaches to security and privacy in smart homes and cities.

For more information about participating in this event, please see our Call for Team Participation webpage. The public portion of this event will be held on Friday, April 7, 2017 in the Friend Center Convocation Room. More information about the public event will be posted shortly on our event webpage.