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CITP presents a panel on elections and the role of technology during a pandemic. Professor Ed Felten will talk to experts about the challenges and risks facing the 2020 elections, and how we can design solutions and protective measures to secure our elections. Experts will address a broad range of issues including voter experience, disinformation, […]

The latest general University guidance for students, faculty and staff is available here. Princeton University’s guidelines for spring 2021 can be found here.  The new COVID site also includes the introduction of Princeton University’s new public health campaign, The Princeton Playbook. Please visit our events webpage for CITP virtual events and any future updates.

CITP is very proud of all the work our students, faculty and fellows are accomplishing in pursuit of our mission to ensure the challenges in technology serve society. Featured in a recent SEAS news article, written by Rachel Nuwer, current research topics include “privacy, online deception, free speech and expression, freedom to modify devices, and […]

Arvind Narayanan, associate professor of computer science and Günes Acar, a former postdoctoral researcher at CITP, were interviewed by NBC Nightly News for a segment called Privacy And Power: Your Digital Fingerprint. In the first installment, NBC “visited leading computer science researchers to see some new and alarming ways…third-party companies are quietly collecting our information, even when […]

The PIT Summer Fellowship is aimed at rising juniors and seniors interested in getting first hand experience working on technology policy at the federal, state and local level. We will select approximately 12 students from universities across the PIT-UN network to be in the inaugural class of PIT Summer Fellows. Fellows will begin their summer internship by attending […]